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Boomerang careers and rejecting the career escalator  

Episode Summary

When two career coaches get together for a chat, you get an episode packed with insights. I talk with Dr. Kristine Lodge to go deep on everything from the benefit of a boomerang career to how to get unstuck in your career to rejecting outdated career advice. 

Episode Notes

Show notes! This is the second of four episodes where I'm interviewing career coaches about their career changes because even career coaches have twists and turns in their careers.

That means you'll be getting some serious insights and I'll tap into their expert advice on how to make a career change.

Dr. Kristine Lodge has a boomerang career - she left higher education after ten years to try out recruiting for several years and later returned to higher education. We talk openly about her experience of getting laid off and bouncing back (and why we shouldn't feel shamed after a layoff). Dr. Lodge shares how she used informational interviews to find her path. And then we happy rant about the myth of the career ladder, discuss what to do when you don't want to move up, and the value of career coaches. Plus, she introduces me to my new favorite phrase for management changes: regime change.

Listen to this if you're feeling stuck, if you're a PhD who needs guidance, or just wants to listen to two career coaches dismantle out dated career thinking.

Note: My cohost dog makes an appearance for a few seconds in this show.

Check out Kristi's coaching work outside here: https://www.incipitcareer.com/

Quotes from the episode to make you feel normal about career changes:

"A lot of us hit that stage where we've grown in the role, we've gone as far as we are going to, and we don't necessarily see an immediate next step forward or upward."

"A boomerang career is where you go away try something out, and build a skill set, and come back to the original thing. For me, the boomerang was great, I got to build a lot of experience in recruiting and talent acquisition. It  helped me so much now in both in my career coaching identity and coaching students identity."

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