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Create your own career opportunities: How to find the possible paths 

Episode Summary

From an MFA to IT Communications to a Burn Out Coach, Kori has shaped her career path in unexpected ways. Listen to this to hear how to find the possibilities within your career chaos.

Episode Notes

This is the fourth of four episodes where I'm interviewing career coaches about their career changes because even career coaches have twists and turns in their careers.

Kori has worked in many jobs in her career. While pursuing a job as a copywriter, and having no luck, a recruiter told her to try IT communication. She took a chance and found her people, leading her to a new path in Tech. Later, she evolved even more, deciding to pursue her interests in coaching. 

Now she's started her own business as a Burn Out Coach for womxn in tech, which means she's using "mindset tools with intersectional feminism to help her clients crush it at work (without work crushing them). She teaches her clients how to unlearn burnout culture. 

in this episode, we talk about how twists in your career path can surprise you, why self-reflection is important, and how it feels to leave a corporate job to start your own coaching business.

Kori also shares her fabulously positive perspective on how to pick your career path and how to flourish in your career. 

This episode is for anyone trying to make sense out of their career or for those who are thinking about starting their own coaching business. 

Connect with Kori and learn more about her coaching services here: 


Quotes to fire you up for your next career change: 

"If I can be here and love this and be in this role that I'd never thought of before and having a lot of fun, doing a lot of cool projects, meeting amazing people, then anything is possible. It shook up what I thought of myself and people and what a career has to be."

"I think there are so many things that people want that we don't do because we're afraid of how hard it will be. But sometimes when you make it through, when you crest the wave of that, that's the best part."

"A lot of people are like "What should I do?" as if there is a right answer." 

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