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The learning never stops: Learning as a foundation for career changes

Episode Summary

A learning mindset is the foundation for all career changes. Ramesh shows us how he incorporates learning into his multiple career changes.

Episode Notes

This is the third of four episodes where I'm interviewing career coaches about their career changes because even career coaches have twists and turns in their careers.

That means you'll be getting some serious insights and I'll tap into their expert advice on how to make a career change.

We hear a lot about how we need to keep learning in our careers but what does that actually look like? Ramesh has had multiple careers, from engineering and construction management, to MBA startup coach, to working as a co-op counselor for students at a university. He's also got a side hustle helping international students and career changers, as he's an international student who received his MBA in the US.

Ramesh shares his experience changing careers and continuing to learn new skills. He shares how he keeps learning. Plus, we talk about how mentors help you make change and the value of talking to people in the industry.

Quotes from the episode that you'll enjoy:

"My philosophy is to get the most education as fast as possible without spending too much money"

"I use Lynda.com a lot. I have used Udacity and Udemy. I buy textbooks to read. I use audible.com. I talk to a lot of people in the industry. I listen to podcasts. There are so many ways you can learn. If you're open to learning there are so many ways you can learn and you don't need to do a formal MBA and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars."

"Don't spend thousands of dollars on a masters degree immediately. There are so many cheap, fast ways to learn about an industry. Shadow somebody. Volunteer. Listen to podcasts. Read blogs. Talk to someone in the industry. Watch YouTube videos. Take Lynda courses. All of this can be accomplished with almost zero money or a few hundred dollars. It's better than spending $50,000 in one year and realizing this isn't what you want to do. Be creative."


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